Help us STOP DAPL and Crowdsource Justice for Standing Rock

RevolutionTruth is dedicated to restoring and preserving legitimate democratic governance through inspiring healthy public discourse, reversing assaults on the rule of law and supporting international community-building.

RevolutionTruth is a growing, global community and future nonprofit organization with an all-volunteer team that spans multiple countries. We are dedicated to defending whistle-blowers, civil liberties, and legitimate democracies. RevolutionTruth is a "citizen-driven" endeavor, free from the influence of governments and corporations. We intend to build this organization into a platform for our voices - a place to tell the truth about what is happening in our world, and a place to gather to change it.

To facilitate this mission we engage in:


Public Panel Discussions

Online Community Building

This is just the beginning! Join us, and help us grow. Because truth IS a revolution.

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