WikiLeaks, Whistleblowing and Global Revolution

Date: October 26, 2011

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WikiLeaks has opened up immense possibilities for the future of whistleblowing, for forcing increased transparency in institutions, and for transforming the landscape of journalism. Yet their work and their nature force us to tackle paradoxical and intransigent issues and difficult questions, such as: Who guards the gatekeepers? How do we restore accountability to powerful organizations and institutions? How do governments balance transparency with the need for some measure of secrecy? How do we protect those who bring the public dangerous truths? Most critically, in an arena of increasing information warfare and global unrest, how do we ensure viable, long-lasting change arises out of both Wikileaks' revelations and global uprisings?

About the Panelists:

Birgitta Jónsdóttir

Icelandic Parliamentarian

Birgitta Jónsdóttir is a member of the Icelandic Parliament, elected in April 2009 on behalf of a movement aiming for democratic reform beyond party politics of left and right. Birgitta has been an activist all of her adult life through her work as a poet, writer, artist, editor, publisher, and now government official and internet pioneer. Longstanding champion of human rights and peace, she has also supported many organizations such as WikiLeaks, Saving Iceland and Friends of Tibet, to name but a few. Birgitta was the chief sponsor of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative (IMMI) which was drafted with the help of the core people of WikiLeaks at the time and many others experts from around the world.

On June 16th 2010 the Icelandic Parliament passed IMMI, a parliamentary resolution tasking the government to create a new legislative means to protect and strengthen modern freedom of expression. The proposal was passed by parliament members of all parties. IMMI intends to make the country a haven for freedom of information, speech and expression by providing a supportive jurisdiction for publication of investigative journalism and other threatened online media. The government has begun a process of editing 13 separate laws according to the proposal's specifications. This process is expected to be completed by mid-2012.

"Iceland will become the inverse of a tax haven; by offering journalists and publishers some of the most powerful protections for free speech and investigative journalism in the world. Tax havens aim is to make everything opaque. Our aim is to make everything transparent." ~ Birgitta Jónsdóttir

For more information about Birgitta, visit her official site.


Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Former WikiLeaks spokesman and Executive Director of OpenLeaks

Daniel Domscheit-Berg helped build the WikiLeaks platform from late 2007 to September 2010, and acted as its spokesperson under the pseudonym Daniel Schmitt. After leaving WikiLeaks Domscheit-Berg published a book about his experiences, "Inside WikiLeaks", which was published in early 2011 and translated into 23 languages. He is currently working on the next generation leaking platform called OpenLeaks, building on lessons learned at WikiLeaks and aiming at a sustainable, long-term solution for more transparency.

Before WikiLeaks, Domscheit-Berg worked for various fortune 500 companies, mainly building large-scale wireless and wired networks for the automotive and transport industries. A network security expert by trade, Domscheit-Berg is, at heart, an advocate for transparency and freedom of speech, deeply caring for equal access to knowledge and information in a globalized world.

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Trevor Timm

Former editor on NYLS Law Review, EFF Activist

Trevor Timm is an Activist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He specializes in free speech issues and government transparency. Before joining the EFF, Trevor helped the longtime General Counsel of The New York Times, James Goodale, write a book on the First Amendment. He has also worked for the former President of the ACLU and at The New Yorker. He graduated from Northeastern University and has a law degree from New York Law School, where was was an editor on the NYLS Law Review.

Trevor also curates the Twitter feed @WLLegal that reports on legal news surrounding WikiLeaks, the right to publish classified information, and other freedom of the press issues.

For more information about Trevor, visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


Arturo Filastò

A Random GlobaLeaks Developer

Arturo Filastò (nickname "hellais") has interests that span from cinema to hacking, from magic to mathematics. He works as a freelance developer and security consultant and also contributes to open-source projects. Currently he is working on both the GlobaLeaks and The Tor Project.

GlobaLeaks is the first open-source whistleblowing framework. It empowers anyone to easily setup and maintain their own whistleblowing platform. It is also offers advice and best practices for people receiving and submitting material. GlobaLeaks works in all environments: media, activism, corporations, and various public agencies.

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Kevin Gosztola

Multimedia editor for

Kevin Gosztola is a Firedoglake writer who blogs at The Dissenter. He has written extensively about the US State Embassy cables and the Afghanistan and Iraq war logs releases. He served as an intern for The Nation Magazine and worked closely with Greg Mitchell, helping him to maintain his daily WikiLeaks blog. He contributed sections to both of Mitchell's books, "The Age of WikiLeaks" and "Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences". From January to June of 2011 he wrote and published to WikiLeaks Central and for a short time produced a weekly podcast "This Week in WikiLeaks."

At The Dissenter blog, Kevin covers civil liberties and digital freedom issues. He has paid particular attention to the FBI's raid on antiwar and international solidarity activists in the Midwestern United States. He has examined issues of freedom of information and the war on dissent. His commitment to the rights of Americans to peaceably assemble and protest has led him to live blog and report on the growing Occupy Wall Street movement for the past month.

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Alexa O'Brien

Content Strategist

Alexa has a varied background of experience and accomplishments stretching from political philosophy to television and film production (CNN, BBC, History Channel) to social issues (work for the UN Population Fund's "Worldwide Information Campaign", featured at The Hague International Forum). Alexa has covered the evolving nature and aesthetics of digital and interactive content, and the growing economic and technological cross-fertilization between the media, entertainment, and defense sectors. As a content strategist and information architect, she has designed and implemented digital content strategy solutions for international governmental organizations including the United Nations Development Program and Fortune 500 global companies.

In February of this year Alexa founded, pushing the edge of digital social media to organized civil disobedience and non-violent protest. was instrumental in the traditional and digital organization of the original September 17 action in 5 American cities, and built a trusted network that spread #occupywallstreet virally across the US. Since January 2011, she has covered the WikiLeaks release of US State Department Cables, the JTTF memoranda known as the 'GTMO files', and revolutions across Egypt, Bahrain, Iran, and Yemen. She has interviewed preeminent US foreign policy experts on the Cambodia cables, and published hours of interview with former GTMO guards, detainees, defense lawyers, and human rights activists, as well as WikiLeaks media partners, including Andy Worthington, GTMO historian and author, and Atanas Tchobanov, Balkanleaks' spokesman and co-editor of

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Tangerine Bolen (Host)

Executive Director of RevolutionTruth

Tangerine Bolen is the founder and Executive Director of RevolutionTruth, a small, global organization dedicated to increasing transparency and integrity in our institutions, protecting whistleblowers, and working toward legitimate democracies. She has a background in integrative medicine, and has completed her Master's degree in Public Health and Policy. Prior to her work with RevolutionTruth, she worked for several years to expose the American Medical Association's statutory monopoly on the codes used to describe services in the US health care system. This monopoly has long stifled competition and guaranteed enormous disparities in billing and the actual costs of services, while playing a key role in upholding the status quo of a system based on "sick care" rather than health care.

Tangerine is a staunch advocate of the rule of law. She is dedicated to exposing the hypocrises in the US' dual justice system, and to protecting those who are willing to bring the public hard and imperative truths. She is deeply committed to a global paradigm shift - one that allows room for humanity to re-create systems that are liberating and based in concepts of abundance, rather than oppressive and based in the idea of scarce resources. She believes that "progress" is defined not by economic growth or the size of a nation's GDP, but rather, by how genuinely civilized, peaceful, productive, inclusive, and compassionate a nation and people can be. She believes that we can, and must, do better than what we've been doing; that we are fully capable of creating a better world. She refuses to settle for anything less in this lifetime.

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