Volunteer Staff

Volunteer Staff
Tangerine Bolen (U.S.)

Founder of RevolutionTruth. Unwavering in her commitment to decreasing oppression, increasing liberty and ensuring just and equitable systems. She has a background in integrative medicine and health policy and a passion for truth, integrity and functioning democracies.

Robert Wilhelm (U.S.)
Co-Producer and Creative Director - robert.wilhelm@revolutiontruth.org

Co-producer and Creative Director of RevolutionTruth. Associate Producer for "TV Nation", Artist/Designer/Business Owner

Meegan Youngblood (U.S.)

Having experienced many global issues by living them first hand in Asia, Europe and the middle east, Meegan is happy to finally have the oportunity to impact her global community with RevolutionTruth. She has worked in a variety of fields from retail, banking, insurance, education, and marketing. She is an ongoing student of political science and has hopes of living out her dream of working to ensure peace, justice and the perpetuation of truth throughout various means on a global level.

Christopher Sisk (U.S.)

Christopher is a self-employed American artist, ambient/electronic musician, evangelical atheist and technology/science enthusiast living in scenic Tennessee, USA. Living his entire life in small towns in the United States and watching first hand what current political trends are doing to their residents has given Christopher a unique viewpoint on the need for more transparency and open dialogue between governments and their citizenry.

Orion Dierking (U.S.)

Orion was named after the constellation "Orion the Hunter" and looks like Justin Bieber....his whole identity in a nutshell! Besides that he is proud to be a native of Portland, Oregon who loves to experience new aspects of life and meet new people. He believes in the potential for the rising of consciousness throughout humanity.

Pamela Taylor (Australia)
Donor Development/Cyber Security - pamela.taylor@revolutiontruth.org

Pam is a born-and-bred Australian, who has “occupational insanity” according to a friend of hers, as she has many vocations and hobbies and interests. She is in her thirties and amongst other vocations, is a private investigator and security specialist, because she have a passion for uncovering the truth whilst keeping herself and others safe. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Security, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism from Murdoch University, and is now studying towards a Master of Information Technology. She is also an active member of a chess club, a trivia team, and an astronomy club.